2:3 - Oswald Wiener zum 65. Geburtstag

An acoustic homage to the artist, poet and theorist Oswald Wiener from his friends, companions and fans. The inspiration for the different tracks was Wiener's aesthetic of failure in the tradition of the Wiener Gruppe (The Vienna Group) and of his Selten gehörte Musik (rarely heared music) records with Gerhard Rühm and Dieter Roth.
"Together we have attempted an aesthetic of failure, an aesthetic of incompetence. And this is a very painful aesthetic, an aesthetic of embarassment, disgrace and limitation. But because the main thing is to seize and to emotionally affect the listener, there is of course this disgrace and embarassment as a kind of emotion and as a play with ones own weakness..."

With Original Tracks from:

Ingrid Wiener & Valie Export
Gerhard Rühm
H. C. Artmann
Franz Josef Czernin
Hubert Fichte
Mouse on Mars
Wolfgang Müller (Die tödliche Doris)
Thomas Brinkmann & Marcus Schmickler
Nihilist Spasm Band
Ira G. Wool
Mario Subassis
Michel Würthle
Rolf Graf
Rosa Pock

2:3 - Oswald Wiener zum 65. Geburtstag
Audio-CD, 73 Minuten
edited by Nils Röller and Klaus Sander
with drawings by Walter Pichler and Maria Lassnig
ISBN 3-932513-18-5
EUR 16,80